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Event photographer

With the advent of social networks, it has become easy to be known, to gain notoriety but without images we have nothing to show, nothing to put forward. Whether private or professional, an event must be immortalized by quality photos. The photographic coverage, makes the importance and the success of the event concerned in time. The event photographer captures the best moments in all discretion. He allows you to enjoy every moment of your guests or your employees. His expertise assures you perfect photographs which will integrate your albums memories or your supports of communication of company.

Photographer of professional events

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

Images are nowadays a powerful communication lever. Quality photos have become essential to promote and enhance a company. Whether it is for social networks, a website, an advertising or informative document, a writing will have more impact if it is accompanied by a visual. I realize for you photographs of your events (conference, seminar, product launch, inauguration of new premises, cocktail…) in a discrete way. Trained to this kind of practice, I know perfectly how to adapt to the conditions of lighting and luminosity. You will then free up time with your clients or business partners and will have professional photos that will support your communication campaigns.

Private events

I accompany you during all the private events that you wish to illustrate by creative images. They will show the atmosphere and the authenticity which reigned at the time of your evening. Rich in emotions, my photos breathe the naturalness and the spontaneity. My presence allows all the organizers and guests to enjoy the day to the fullest. The pictures will be provided to you afterwards to be shared between you. If you want to immortalize these moments of pure happiness, you can contact me so that we discuss your project. I can cover all your different events:

  • a birthday (child, adult, wedding anniversary) ;
  • a baptism or a communion;
  • cocktail parties and celebrations with family and friends;
  • or a retirement party.
Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo