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Photographs of couple

Taking couple photos with a professional photographer allows you to have original images, strong in emotion. These intimist pictures effectively put your love in the spotlight. I know how to make you feel at ease and that the connection between you is reflected in the photos. Forget those traditional portraits where you look at the lens; my images are in the lifestyle mode, more natural and relaxed.

Couple’s photos

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

The couple session represents an intimate parenthesis where you will think only of yourself. I make myself discreet and guide you hardly so that you benefit from this moment. You should not imagine being ridiculous, on the contrary. You are a unique pair, with your own history and your own way of communication. I am not here to judge, but to capture the bonds that unite you. While you talk, move, dance, I immortalize the passion and complicity that animates your couple. You will quickly feel at ease and forget my presence behind the lens. Your connection will limit the embarrassment or the modesty that you could feel. Just take the plunge, let yourself go and pretend I’m not there. You’ll enjoy unique photos full of tenderness.

Where and how does a couple session take place ?

I prefer the lifestyle mode which is more like me because of the naturalness, the spontaneity and the more sincere, softer rendering that comes out of the photos after a session of this type. With this style of photos, no forced pose in which you feel uncomfortable, I am there to guide you or suggest some gestures, but you remain actors of the session. I work a lot at home because it’s a place you know well and which calms you, but we can also realize this session in an outside environment which is dear to you and evokes particular memories. These photos tell your story in all simplicity. The technical and artistic aspects are combined to create authentic and creative visuals in which you will find yourself.


Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

What to expect?

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

Arrange to be alone and relaxed. It’s important that you feel like you’re in your own bubble, free of outside disturbances. Leave your children in the care of relatives so that you can concentrate on your relationship. Make sure your clothes are comfortable, not too loose or too tight; ideally, your clothes should have a strong meaning for you or be something you particularly like. Try to match the colors of your outfit to your partner’s. If necessary, think about ironing the clothes the day before to avoid unwanted wrinkles. You can opt for possible accessories or jewelry. Ladies, take care of your fingernails, as they frequently appear in photographs.