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Family Photographer

Sometimes bringing together several generations or only the parents and their children, family photos represent a very precious family heritage. This session is an opportunity to spend a wonderful moment with your loved ones. Between bursts of laughter and moments of tenderness, we realize together magnificent pictures. They will illustrate the links and the love which unite you. No stereotypical pose will be imposed on you: I prefer spontaneous photos in natural light. This family photo shoot will leave you with wonderful memories, both original and authentic.

Professional quality photos

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

The profession of photographer is not improvised. Personal shots will never have the degree of expertise obtained with professional photos in high definition. Nothing is left to chance; I check the framing, the light, the positions of the models, the contrast… I know how to sublimate a photo by moving the person a few centimeters or by asking him to lift his arm slightly from his chest. All these technical aspects are combined with artistic skills. I use my creativity to offer you original shots.

The family photo session

The family portraits and the more spontaneous shots taken on the spot must illustrate the complicity of the group. They immortalize your appearance, but also your emotions. Children grow up quickly, so this is an opportunity to capture their faces at a certain age. I make original family photographs, static or in motion. As a lifestyle photographer, I prefer naturalness to classic poses. The retouching is also very light. These last ones allow to erase the imperfections. My objective remains to offer you a splendid collection of images which will constitute your photographic heritage.

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

Organization of the shooting

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

Where to do the session ?

I prefer shooting at your home because you generally feel more comfortable there for this type of photos. In any case, I reassure you and show discretion during the session. I guide little, and only when it is necessary. Think of raging a little the house for the session not to have photos too charged which will not put forward your family.
We can also meet in the outdoor space of your choice. Choose a place that you particularly like or in which you already have memories, a place linked to a particular moment of your life, or simply a place where you like to walk. The more this place will be attached to your history, the more we will feel it in the photos. Outside, to keep your children busy, think about taking toys they like to play with, such as a balloon or a soap bubble tube….

What time should I do the shooting?

There is no ideal time for your shooting. Indeed, it depends on several criteria such as the presence of young children (it is essential to respect their rhythm, not to plan a session during nap time), the place you will have chosen (outdoor or indoor), the season you want to highlight on your photos ….. In addition, the Lifestyle photography that I practice aims to cover different moments of your day depending on the activity of your family, there may be different locations, with photos at home, but also outside depending on your schedule. We will discuss and set the schedule for your session together based on your desires and needs. Each session is unique and must correspond to your family and your desires so that you find yourself entirely in the photos.

What to wear on the day of the shooting?

I advise you to choose comfortable outfits in which you feel at ease and which you like. The colors and the materials are coherent between the different people in order to obtain a harmonious result. Be careful, identical outfits are not recommended. You are all different, so show it through your outfits. For the colors, bet on soft colors, so you can combine up to 3 different colors for the whole family. Avoid imposing elements that attract the eye such as large logos, large designs or polka dots. Sailor type clothing can be very photographic. Accessories are welcome as long as they also match the whole family. During an initial interview, I will clarify these elements and advise you more precisely if you have any doubts.