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Newborn Photographer

Ideal to preserve beautiful memories of your little one at the dawn of his life, the Newborn photos immortalize magical moments full of poetry, softness and emotions. The baby photo session is a family interlude that you will be able to see again and again. For your child, these unique pictures will be a wonderful discovery when he/she will be older. What kind of photos to choose with a professional photographer? How to organize this very special shooting? I explain it all to you.

When to schedule a Newborn shooting?

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For posing sessions, it is recommended to do the sessions between the 6th and the 20th day after birth. The baby will surely sleep a lot during this period, which is preferable for the staging. Thus, it will be able to be manipulated and installed very easily. Moreover, he will not yet suffer from the inconveniences of the first months (colic, acne, reflux…). Newborns are therefore calmer during the first weeks of life. However, the very first days are often avoided, because the infant can keep some marks related to the childbirth, such as slight deformations. Also, if your child has undergone a medical procedure, allow a few days to pass to avoid pain and discomfort that could disrupt the session and make him suffer more. However, I advise you not to delay in organizing professional Newborn photographs, because an infant changes very quickly. It is therefore essential to immortalize this pretty little face. Moreover, these pictures can also be used to prepare your birth announcements.

Organizing the shooting

The arrival of a baby represents a big change in the family life. The parents are tired and the mother feels multiple pains. I advise you to organize this shooting in advance. Plan the photos you want to take and put aside the necessary outfits and accessories. We will discuss your project in advance so that I can anticipate your requests. You will tell me what style of photos you would like to do, if the other children of the siblings will be present and if you want some family shots. I will also be able to adapt the backgrounds to your objectives. If, for example, you want to create a large photographic canvas to put on the wall of a room, I will select shades that match the color of the room.

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The course of the Newborn shooting

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

I offer two types of services: the newborn, in the form of posing, which takes place at my home and the lifestyle mode directly at your place. However, I prefer this last formula, because the pictures are much more natural.

The newborn posing

These are posed shots for which I install the baby in a particular setting. Each image is retouched to remove any skin imperfections. Studio pictures of a toddler can be very complex. It is necessary to be patient and to adapt to the rhythm of the baby. The ideal is that he is asleep, then we handle him gently to install him according to the different stagings in front of a studio background (background). Obviously, I always keep the physiological position of the baby so that it feels good. The atmosphere is soft and natural and I also take care of the temperature of the room. I suggest you to dress your child with original outfits. Some pictures will also gain in purity by leaving the baby naked, possibly dressed with some accessories. You can however provide a particular garment, a blanket or a necklace. These birth photos, less spontaneous than lifestyle photos, nevertheless convey a vintage or poetic spirit, depending on the decor chosen.

The lifestyle mode

Taken at home, these images breathe authenticity. There is no staging; you evolve in your environment. I guide you slightly to create arranged situations. I can for example ask you to move towards a window in order to benefit from more light or suggest you some poses. Lifestyle is therefore somewhere between photo reportage and posing. These shots taken on the spot reflect your life and your activities. The retouching is also very discreet in order to keep this natural aspect.

The duration of a Newborn shooting

The shooting can be more or less long depending on the baby. It is your baby who leads the dance, if he is grumpy or worried, it will be necessary to take more time to calm him. That’s why I usually count 3 to 4 hours. During this time, it is perfectly fine for mom to take the time she needs when she feels the need. Also, feeding or bottle-feeding times are respected.

Preparing the parents

  • Choose clothes whose color and style will be in harmony with the rest of the family.
  • Choose comfortable clothes that are not too loose or too tight and that you care about.
  • Remember to select diapers for yourself, as baby may spit up on you.
  • Avoid large logos that will ruin the look; use solid colors.
  • Iron clothes the night before.
  • You can do your own makeup, hair or manicure if your newborn gives you the time and opportunity!

Preparing the baby

It is of course preferable that the newborn is calm and relaxed. You can therefore plan the session after a nap or a bath. In order to avoid the effects of your baby’s shine on the photos, it is preferable not to put any cream on his face and body before the shooting. If you have opted for a newborn session at my home, bring the usual diaper change kit as well as something to take a break from eating (bottle, bib, milk, water…). A small hairbrush will also help tame the most rebellious strands.

Preparing brothers and sisters

If the siblings are present, I advise you to plan a few discreet games and possibly a small snack. Otherwise, we can start the first pictures with the older brothers and sisters in order to release them quickly. A family member can then come and get them so that we can finish alone with baby. Also, avoid T-shirts with their favorite hero. That imposing logo would ruin the image.