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Pregnancy Photographer

During a pregnancy photo session, it is you and your unborn baby who are in the spotlight. The views are focused on the pregnant woman’s belly. I photograph you alone or with your spouse and your other children, according to your desires. We agree together on the type of photos to be taken so that they perfectly meet your expectations. The pictures will bring you wonderful memories, which you will enjoy showing to your future child.

Take pregnancy pictures with a professional photographer

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

A growing trend among modern couples, the pregnancy shoot allows to immortalize these precious moments. In the life of a woman, this particular event holds a dominating place. It is due to its rarity and the emotions induced. Whether you feel happy or anxious, pretty or not, I propose you to take advantage of a magic parenthesis full of complicity with your close relations. You will have very high quality souvenir photos, on which I assure you that you will find yourself beautiful. They will illustrate the complicity which reigns in your couple and the blooming which animates you. Loaded with emotions, my portraits remain natural and very spontaneous. I direct you and put you at ease while remaining attentive to your needs. My know-how and my creativity allow me to offer elegant pictures that are out of the ordinary.

Organization of the session

When to organize a pregnancy photo session?

In order to achieve beautiful visuals, it is important that the pregnancy is sufficiently advanced. This will give you a nice rounded belly. The ideal date is between the 7th and 8th month. After that, the mother-to-be is usually too tired and suffers from back pain, which prevents her from standing for long. The beginning or middle of the third trimester is the perfect time to take beautiful pregnancy photos.

Alone or with family?

Most of the time, I take many pictures of my pregnant client alone, then with her partner and finally with her children. If the couple already has children, they are welcome to take some family shots. This will be an opportunity to take fun and original pictures. There is no single solution. It’s really up to you to see what suits you best. If your partner can’t be present during the session, you can bring your mother or a friend who will be able to support you and act as a prop.

Where to do the session?

The session can be done in different places such as at your home, in an outdoor location whose decor is suitable for this type of portrait, in my studio. As a lifestyle photographer, I take natural and unposed pictures. Very spontaneous, they generously reflect your personality while highlighting your form. The photos at home bring you much more comfort and tranquility, you are very comfortable and more relaxed.

How long does a pregnancy session last?

It takes about two hours to take pictures of a pregnant woman and her family. I take the time to put you at ease but also your partner and your children if you come together. At the beginning of the session you will look together at the outfits you have brought, the colors of the veils that can be used. This session is made for you to spend a privileged moment, so I follow your rhythm without stressing you. I take a lot of pictures during the session, but I only select the most successful ones.

What to wear on the day of the session ?

Several types of clothing are suitable for a pregnancy shoot: a large shirt that can be kept open, a dress that fits under the chest or a pretty top with a sweetheart neckline. Of course, what we will try to highlight during the session is the mother’s belly. I therefore advise you to wear an outfit that fits her rounded shape without being too tight in order to respect your comfort. I also advise you to match your spouse’s and children’s outfits to yours, especially in terms of colors. We will also be able to take beautiful shots in your underwear, because the eyes will be attracted to your naked belly. Don’t forget to take care of your fingernails, as they often appear in photographs, you can also wear some jewelry or accessories. Some people opt for a hair and make-up session beforehand; others prefer to have more natural photos.

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo