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Wedding photographer

Finding a wedding photographer that suits you is essential to make this day an unforgettable moment. The photos must represent you, highlight you and immortalize all the steps of the ceremony. My artistic sensitivity directs the pictures on the emotion and the naturalness, while preserving the quality of a photographic report. It is essential that we discuss beforehand your ideas, your desires, your expectations so that I can understand you better. I respect and anticipate your requirements so that you don’t have to worry about anything on the big day. The individual interview allows us to know each other better and we determine together the styles of photos which will resemble you the most. During this exchange, you also specify your needs in images. You can choose to immortalize only the ceremony or opt for a complete coverage, from the preparations to the end of the evening.

Why use a wedding photographer?

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

At a wedding, you want everything to be perfect, from the hair to the ceremony, from the makeup to the music. However, the photographs are the only elements that will stay with you forever. They are the physical memory of your union. An amateur will never be able to provide quality pictures, rich in emotions. You will be inevitably disappointed by the photos of a close relation who wanted to do well by offering you his services. The wedding photographer is therefore essential. He must anticipate your requests and bypass all the technical difficulties to offer you exceptional images. The lighting of the various places, the activity of the guests and the movements, but also the number of people represent indeed obstacles to overcome. Each wedding is unique and appears as a challenge to be taken up. It must meet all your expectations, the first time. There will be no second chances. I am fully aware of the responsibility you entrust me with by choosing me to cover your wedding.

How to choose a wedding photographer ?

The choice of the provider remains extremely personal. A good feeling is essential to entrust him with the shooting of one of the most important days of your life. You have to study his style and his creative approach. Some opt for very traditional shots, with the usual poses. As for me, I am more sensitive to feelings and life. I photograph on the spot, without omitting some more traditional portraits. My photos breathe the human, the emotion and the natural.

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

My photographic approach

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

Each wedding is unique and each couple has its own reasons to get married, I want to know your story. My work is based on spontaneity and naturalness to which I add a creative touch to offer you representative pictures of the ceremony. My artistic approach assures you unique photographs in which you will be able to feel the emotion that animated you that day. I blend into the general atmosphere so that people forget my presence. I can thus capture more authentic, deeper images. The views are in color or sometimes in black and white depending on what I want to bring out in the image. This quality work allows me to write, with the light, the story of your wedding.

The wedding

The preparations

The long hours of preparation are an integral part of the wedding. The dressing of the bride and her partner, the hairdressing session and the make-up workshop are magical moments. You will love to remember these preparations and the state of mind that accompanied you then. These moments are inseparable from the rest of the ceremony. I therefore propose to accompany you in order to take souvenir pictures of these different stages. Generally, the future bride and groom do not prepare together. It will be then the occasion to discover the other one in the hours which preceded the marriage.

The ceremony

Photographing a wedding ceremony is a real challenge, it is an intense and very demanding moment that the bride and groom are looking forward to for a long time. It requires a perfect technical mastery of both the camera and the surrounding conditions. The magic moments, the emotions, the details that are concentrated in this unique day make me vibrate. To do as everyone else is not my vision of photography, I wish above all that you feel the emotion that there was during your wedding, I wish to see the laughter, the tears which punctuated your day at the time of the exchange of the rings, the kiss, the exit of the bride and groom.

The couple session

Traditionally, the bride and groom spend an hour or two alone with the photographer in order to take couple’s pictures. We organize some aesthetic settings, on this day when you are very beautiful. Concerning the place, it will be programmed well in advance. It can be a domain in the countryside, a castle, a park or an atypical place which is dear to you. I advise and guide you at first, then I let you enjoy this moment more quietly, in small committee. Some furtive moments will then be a source of inspiration for me. I know how to put at ease the customers in order to avoid the tense expressions. The photos will be full of life and tenderness. They will reveal the natural expression that animates you.

Group photos

The group photo session is usually a moment of laughter and relaxation for the guests and the bride and groom. We take a few posed shots together, but I guide the guests only when necessary. I do some static and some movement in order to reinforce the humanity that emanates from my images. I usually animate group photos to capture the laughter, complicity and passions.

The evening

At the beginning of the evening, the guests participate in the cocktail party, most of the time outside. The evening light is of course the occasion for me to realize some original views, full of poetry. Concerning the evening itself, the presence or not of the photographer remains at the discretion of the couple. Nevertheless, I think that the pictures of the meal and the party are not to be neglected. Everyone is laughing, enjoying and having fun. It is therefore the opportunity to get less standardized shots that will illustrate these memorable moments, where the atmosphere was more relaxed. Moreover, we will be able to play with the colors of the decoration and with the ambient lighting. Of course, I immortalize the strong moments in all discretion so as not to disturb anyone. I mingle with the guests to realize snapshots of small anodyne moments strong in emotions. The idea remains to offer you a photo reportage which looks like you and in which you will recognize yourself.

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo