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Fine Art Prints or Fine Art Photography

True work of art, Fine Art photography offers a very important emotional impact. It corresponds to the atypical look of the artist, as a subjective means of expression. A landscape, a monument, a particular scene are all elements that can be reinterpreted through the photographer’s lens. This creative image sublimates and decorates a space, just like a canvas or a painting.

Explanation of fine art

What is fine art?

Fine art is literally art photography. The artist embellishes the reality by bringing his personal touch, which allows him to express a message or an emotion. The photograph plays on the public’s feelings. We are therefore on the exact definition of a work of art. This recognized movement is in full expansion in the field of photography, but also in that of cinematography or sculpture. Fine art differs from representational photography in its subjective intention. Photojournalism, on the other hand, documents in an objective way on various subjects to depict reality. Commercial photography, on the other hand, is used for advertising to promote a service or a product. The fine art photograph thus expresses the artist’s vision. It can also play a strong role in the advancement of certain causes by raising public awareness.

The birth of Fine Art

This artistic movement has its roots in the middle of the 20th century. At the time, photography was not considered an art form and there were no photo exhibitions or galleries. The Fine Art movement was born from a desire to get rid of the artisanal label in order to display itself as an art, just like painting. Before that, the professionals were only responding to orders for weddings or portraits. It is the artistic approach that has changed by seeking to create emotion and convey an idea. Nowadays, many photographers have developed this creative concept.

My artistic approach

Travel and inspiration

My experience and my numerous trips enrich my personal feeling and my perception of the environment. I have the chance to discover many countries on a regular basis, which allows me to photograph very different models. My photos bring a modern and original eye to the immortalized object. I insert humanity, poetry and emotion where some would only see a monument. Above all, I like to photograph differently, to do something different than what has already been done, with a fundamentally artistic approach. I look for a new angle and put all my soul in the image. The goal of each visual remains the impact on the viewer. Fine art photography must imperatively touch the senses and emotions to create a feeling.

A personal creative vision

I am driven by a love of beauty and art in general. Obviously, a photo is interpreted differently by each person. For my part, I put in my experience and my sensitivity. A particular light, a certain atmosphere, an insignificant gesture, an atypical lighting awake in me a creative fibre. I remain attracted by contrasts and shapes. It cannot be explained, it is a deep feeling, an imperative, a need to capture a snapshot. I have to take this picture in order to capture the harmony that emanates from this spectacle. Certain conditions are then met to sublimate reality and I try to capture it as I feel it. The only goal remains the achievement of an aesthetic and emotional dimension.

Characteristics of my prints

Signed and numbered works of art

The article 98A-II of the annex III of the General Tax Code (CGI) defines exactly the works of art. Concerning the photographs taken by an artist, they must be drawn by him or under his control, signed and numbered within the limit of thirty copies, all formats and supports confused. Consequently, my photographs are numbered and sold at 30 copies, as provided for by law. Some of the most valuable photos are even limited to fewer copies. You will thus have rare original images, sold in small numbers. This exclusive character obviously appeals to collectors and art lovers. The buyer chooses the size and framing of the print. The base price is determined according to the chosen dimensions and then it naturally increases towards the last copies sold. From the tenth print, the price increases by 10%, then by 20% to the twentieth. For the last 5 prints, the price is increased by 30%, due to the popularity and rarity of the work. I personally sign and number each photograph, which is then sent to you with its certificate of authenticity. This document, attached to the invoice, allows you to benefit from tax advantages.

Tax deduction

The price of an original work of art can be deducted from the taxes of the company that bought it. To do so, the artist must be alive at the time of the purchase and the work must be exhibited to the public, notably in the company’s premises or during events organized by the company. For more details please consult the public services page.

Quality photo prints

All prints are made on professional quality fine art paper. The latter ensures optimal conservation over time. It meets very strict quality criteria. The pigment ink used and the type of paper guarantee a longevity of over 100 years. For art prints, the two types of finishes offered (with or without frame) are acrylic glass and Dibond. The framing can be done with an American box, like in the greatest art shows. A space of a few millimeters separates the photo from the frame in order to give the artistic impression that the image is floating in the center. This process allows to highlight the photo.

The Dibond

The print is made on fine art matte paper that prevents reflections. The photograph can thus be admired from all angles, regardless of the surrounding light. The print is then laminated on a Dibond plate. This print is also equipped with a discreet aluminum support to fix the work.

The Acrylic

This material is a colorless glass that frames the print on both sides. It contains an anti-UV layer that guarantees its protection against light rays. The canvas also has an aluminum structure at the back to strengthen it and make it easier to hang on the wall. The rendering is perfect, in a very modern style.

Exhibitions and Awards

My exhibitions

I had the chance to present my most prestigious photographs in collective exhibitions, but also personal. My works have accompanied those of other artists in Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) in 2019 for the exhibition Arte Em Festa and in 2020 for Arte Sem Fronteira and for Brasilidade. I have also had solo exhibitions in Rio de Janeiro: Sem título in 2017 and Viajar No Mundo in 2019. In France, my photos were exhibited in Laloubère, in the Hautes-Pyrénées, in 2021 on the occasion of the exhibition Voyageons ensemble.

A nomination for the Photography Awards

What photographer wouldn’t be proud to exhibit his nomination for the Photography Awards? The photograph Lighthouse in the fog allowed me to obtain my first nomination at the 7th edition of the Fine Art Photography Awards in the Night photography category. This recognition represents an encouragement and a highlight of my work that I invite you to discover in my photo gallery.