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Photography for professionals

Why call upon a professional photographer to promote your company?
Today everything is done through the internet, people have the reflex to go and see the websites of companies before calling them. You need to stand out from the competition and this requires relentless digital marketing.
Are you thinking of using photos from an image bank, thinking that the budget will be lower? Unfortunately, the photos on these image banks are used by anyone, so using these types of images for your own digital marketing will not help you stand out. These types of photos will not reflect the essence and identity of your company. Show your customers that you know how to stand out from the crowd by being creative and current.
You have photos taken by a professional photographer 5 years ago or more and you think that’s enough? Unfortunately, the client is not interested in your company from 5 years ago. Your image, your teams, your premises, your products are changing and you need to showcase your company today.
You have no idea how to highlight your company on photos? The professional photographer is there to listen to you and guide you during the session and then in the choice of photos.

Corporate reportage

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

The corporate reportage can be similar to photojournalism, the photographer will cover a given subject in your premises. After a meeting with your professional photographer during which you will have exposed your needs, your expectations and your tastes, your photographer will be able during the session to make several photos by varying the angles, the subjects, the lights, the backgrounds, the settings in order to provide you a gallery of images sufficiently consequent to answer your schedule of conditions. Your photographer will be able to guide you or your collaborators in certain situations but will also know how to be discreet in situations not requiring any intervention of his part.

Whether you are a small company, a craftsman or a national company, I put at your disposal my skills to help you establish a formidable communication. My reports allow to illustrate in a natural and authentic way the various facets of your trade. During my sessions, I apply myself to photograph your collaborators in action, your premises, your manufacturing processes. Inside or outside, we will build together the visuals which will put forward your companies.


The portrait photos will give a human dimension to your company whether on your website, your social networks or your communication media (brochures, newsletter, publication …). Having homogeneous photos of all the employees of your company is a major asset in communication. The sessions in company and more particularly those of portraits can quickly be a headache for the companies, one does not manage to gather all the employees at the same time, one does not really know nor how nor where to make pose people.

Whether it is for portraits of managers, employees or teams, understanding the personality of each person and the message you want to convey is the only way to achieve the right result. Thanks to a preliminary interview where you will have answered a questionnaire specially designed for this type of session, I will be able to guide you and give you ideas for the day of the session.

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo


Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

Are you planning a conference, a party, a gala, a cocktail, a team-building or an inauguration? All these events are important for your company, they enhance its image. You will need to take pictures for the promotion of this event as well as to keep it in your archives. I immortalize all your events and provide you with quality photos of all the outstanding moments that took place. I apply myself to restore not only the general atmosphere thanks to wide shots but also the details which marked the event thanks to tight shots. In the same way as the atmosphere, I would put forward the participants thanks to different types of portraits.

Just like the portrait photos, this type of session requires a preparation meeting during which we will see together who will be present, who will be honored, where the shooting will take place (indoors or outdoors), at what time of the day? All this information will allow me to prepare myself as well as possible for the shooting. I also remain at your disposal the day of the event if you wish particular photographs which you will not have passed.