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Photographer of reportage in company

Corporate photography or reportage is the reflection of the life of an establishment. The photographs resulting from these sessions illustrate its identity and convey a strong message to your customers and employees. The digital content remains indeed the key element of the most effective communication strategies. A serious and qualitative visual identity will allow you to develop your company and to improve its notoriety. Specialized in corporate reporting, I have a technical, human and creative approach. The objective being to highlight your structure, I identify your project and realize very thoughtful shots that meet all your expectations.

Why call upon a corporate photographer ?

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

Build trust to increase your sales

In the digital age and the massive sharing on social networks, it is essential to provide quality images. Photos are omnipresent and remain at the center of exchanges. This data represents a new challenge for brands that must adapt their communication. Blurred or uninteresting views risk seriously damaging the company’s image. They will be in inadequacy with the pursued objectives. Customers want to identify with a person, to project themselves with your products. Also, an optimal resolution allows them to zoom in on the details of the item. The professional photographer makes a point through each photo. These photos are also an echo of the company. Thus, prospects gain confidence and will more easily call on you. Corporate photography is the key to a successful marketing campaign with a considerable return on investment.

A gain of time

Delegating the shooting to a professional frees up a lot of time to manage your business. All the actors can thus participate in the events of the company. Moreover, I intervene discreetly in order not to disturb the course of the day. Photography is a real profession that cannot be improvised. It is learned and practiced. Working with a corporate specialist ensures you quality photos coupled with a very appreciable saving of time.

Improve your online presence

The distinctive visual identity of a company serves to be recognized and to stand out from its competitors. To be perceived and remembered, you must post striking photographs that resemble you. Images play an indispensable role in communication and marketing. A text accompanied by a photo will be better assimilated and retained than words without visual support. A successful strategy of optimization of social networks (Facebook, Instagram, Linkedln,…) requires homogeneous and regular pictures that will create a familiar image for your audience.

Keep your customers loyal

Loyal customers come back and bring other prospects with them. To bind them to you, you need to make your mark in a sometimes very competitive climate. By building a lasting relationship with them, you leave them no choice. When they need a service or product related to your business, they should think of you immediately. Every customer should feel that they are being treated with care. The company must therefore be active, for example by participating in an event. The professional photographer will illustrate it with a documented report while showing the best of the establishment. These pictures will allow you to develop the niche of ephemeral content, a powerful commercial lever in the digital age.

Attracting the right people

Photos attract customers, but also future partners or employees. Your employees must be presented in the best possible conditions. They remain the best placed to transmit the values of the company. Revealed in a peaceful and comfortable setting, they will encourage new talents to project themselves within an attractive structure that aims at collective well-being. You will thus attract competent and experienced recruits who will enrich your human resources.

My working method

Technical skills

A six years’ experience in a service company gave me the necessary enrichment to make relevant photo reports. I first apply myself to identify very precisely your needs and the way your company works. My outside view allows me to bring a new eye that will enrich the photographic campaign. I put my expertise at your service so that together we can find solutions adapted to your projects. The moments rich in emotion, the atmosphere, the human links will be captured to give a positive face to the company. The more traditional pictures such as the directory, the portraits of managers or the products to be promoted will answer more technical and highly qualitative criteria. The goal of my approach remains obviously to seduce a public and to improve the image of the establishment. More than a photo, it is a real message that we must transmit.

The brand image

Always with the aim of promoting the company, I try to preserve its visual identity by integrating strong elements. A logo, a motto, are so many essential details which will draw the global image of the company while playing the role of visual signature. Simple staging allows me to optimize each photograph. Of course, I respect the harmony of the colors of your company and its general typography. The work on the shadow and light areas will also bring relief and life to the picture. In fact, I make sure to direct the eye towards different elements in order to make the document more alive.

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

When to use a corporate photographer?

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo

Sharing your universe always increases your popularity. Regular and updated images will optimize the visibility of the establishment and will represent the major asset of a digital strategy. It is indeed essential to have recent pictures. Relying on old pictures would be counterproductive. I suggest highlighting your teams, the seriousness of the brand, the managers, the premises; to show your customers the faces of the people who gravitate around your business. New products, a particular event, portraits, a seminar, a new article to promote are all aspects that I can immortalize to increase the credibility of the company. I know perfectly how to emphasize the human capital and underline the team cohesion. The images will illustrate the welcome given to customers and partners, as well as the quality of the goods or services. Thanks to my photos, I write and I sublimate the history of your company.

Boost your sales with corporate photography

You will have understood, the secret of an increase in sales remains seduction. You must stand out from your competitors with a strong and meaningful visual identity. I put at your service my adaptability and my know-how in order to offer you perfect pictures that will sublimate your company. The Confucius quote A picture is worth a thousand words illustrates in an admirable way the importance of the visual support for the communication of a company and its economic prosperity. Whether your organization is large or small, it will benefit from investing in professional photos. I work with medium-sized companies, large firms, associations or micro-businesses. We discuss your project and your objectives together to find the best solution. In all cases, the skills of a corporate photographer represent a sure value, source of benefits in the very short term.

Emmy Culianez, Photographe, produits et services photo